Martin Quarles

Martin Quarles

Senior Associate

Phone: (770) 634-8187

Martin Quarles is a Senior Associate with Capital Choice Financial Services. He is from Atlanta, Ga. by way of Washington, D.C. Mr. Quarles received his B.A. degree in Communications from Morehouse College in 1982. He also graduated with an M.B.A. in 2008 from University of Phoenix. 

Mr. Quarles also serves as Sr. Pastor of First Congregation Ministries International in Stone Mountain, Ga. where his vision includes teaching God’s people sound financial principles from a biblical and practical way. He holds Financial Seminars and educational training to reinforce those values. He believes in the development and training of the total man (spirit, soul and body). He is also the Founder of the Men’s Prayer Group which meets once a month to teach Men how to take their rightful place in their homes, marriages and communities. 

Mr. Quarles is married to the love of his life Mrs. Eleanor Diane Sheppard Quarles.

They are the proud parents of three sons; Mikhail, Jarred and Erik. 

Some of Martin’s hobbies include reading, writing, plays, and movies.